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General - *Courses are in oZone but not in D2L or Need to be Dropped

OU IT Solutions
posted this on August 02, 2011 03:33 PM

This concerns Norman, Tulsa, Intersession, and standard semester based CCE courses.  If this is a CIDL College or CIDL Highschool course, you need to contact that department about your course assignment.

If you are teaching a course and your roster in D2L does not match oZone, you can do the same below to request your course be synced.  NOTE: As long as a course is not on your oZone listing, you are not being charged for it just because you see it listed in D2L.

  1. If the class IS listed on but not D2L, please click here and fill out the request for assistance and we will sync your account to update the listings.
    • Your Sooner ID (the 9 digit ID number- ex. 112121212)
    • Semester the course(s) are in.
    • All of the course information including section- ex. ENGL 1113-002  for EACH COURSE.
    • The CRN numbers of the missing courses or the courses that need to be dropped ONLY (this number is found next to the course information in where your courses are listed, its a 5 digit identifier for each course) - you will see something like this:  Principles of English Composition - 12333 - ENGL 1113 - 001  the number between the title and the course information is the CRN (see below).

  2. Once this information is received, it will be passed onto a technician who will sync up your courses from oZone to D2L.  Once complete, you will receive an email letting you know your courses are visible under whichever semester they should be listed under.   If you do not send all of the info requested, the process will take longer. 

Also see: Course I am teaching is not listed in oZONE or D2L




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