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About OU Wireless Networks

Kevin Buck
posted this on August 02, 2011 02:21 PM

OU IT strives to offer innovative, cost-effective solutions that apply the benefits of new technologies and industry best practices, such as server virtualization and infrastructure consolidation. These efforts enable us to invest in value-added campus technologies and services, such as wireless, without impacting student fees.


OU IT has improved wireless security and performance (we use the 802.11B digital wireless standard, which allows for up to 11 Mbps throughput) and offers two networks to meet your needs:

  • OUWifi is the official wireless network for students, faculty, and staff, with full access to all Internet and OU network resources. You will want to set OUWifi as your computer's default wireless network. 
  • OUGuest is intended for the rest of the OU community and does not require registration; however, OUGuest limits access to OU Web services like Desire2Learn and Exchange e-mail.

Your computer MUST BE equipped with a wireless network adapter to connect to OU's wireless networks. Wireless adapters come standard on almost all new computers.

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